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Fishing Rod Selection Tips

The question many bass fisherman face when it comes to selecting the right rod for the right lure, is how on earth do I select the right rod, and do I really need 15-20 rods? Well the answer is Yes, and No. The analogy I like to use is this: When you go golfing, do you take only your putter? Absolutely not because then you can not drive the ball off the tee very far! You would never even make it to the green to use the putter.


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Bass Fishing State Records

If you are relatively new to bass fishing as a hobby then you may have heard of state records but have no idea as to what they refer to. Well, bass fishing state records effectively tell you just how heavy the heaviest fish caught in that state was. If you actually set that state record then it is certainly a huge deal, but then the day you make your biggest catch is also a big deal!


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Fishing the Fall Salmon Run in Michigan – A Beginner’s Guide

I decided to write this guide because a couple of years ago I was the "beginner." I don't claim to be a master at it, but I have lost my fair share of fish and have put a few in the freezer each year. Let me start by saying that, to the best of my knowledge, Michigan has the best Salmon fishery in the United States except for Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest (which is where our Salmon were originally stocked from).


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