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Eagle Claw E.C. Fresh Water Tackle Kit, 80 Piece

Eagle Claw E.C. Fresh Water Tackle Kit, 83 Piece

  • Freshwater Tackle Kit
  • Assortment of hooks, sinkers and tackle
  • Stowable utility box
  • Designed for bass, catfish, walleye, trout, panfish and other freshwater species
  • Fits nicely in your tackle box
  • Assortment of hooks, sinkers, rigs and tackle for numerous freshwater fish.
  • Contains 83 Pieces
  • Great kit for general freshwater fishing.
This Freshwater kit contains a nice assortment of hooks, tackle and rigs. This kit is designed for a large variety of freshwater fish including bass, crappie, and catfish. The gear that is included in the plastic utility box is good for most freshwater fishing situations.

List Price: $ 19.99 Price: $ 9.99

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Fish Recipes Guide

Fish Recipes- Quickly Information

FISH provides another class of high-protein or tissue-building food. As this term is generally understood, it includes both vertebrate fish that is, fish having a backbone much as salmon, cod, shad etc. and many other water animals such as lobsters, crabs, shrimp, oysters and clams

As is well cognized, fish is an extremely biodegradable food. Therefore, when it is picked up in quantities too enthusiastic to be utilized at one time, it is upheld in individual ways. As much methods are usually transported out in the locality where the fish is caught, many varieties of fish can be conveniently hived away for  abundant periods of time and so meted out as to meet the requirements of the consumer Read more…

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7 Reasons Why Deep Sea Fishing Is A Great Adventure Sport

1. It’s a chance to get out to the open seas. A chance to explore what the deep waters can give you as an adventure. The wind, the waves, the view. Deep sea fishing is your weekend ticket away from the bustling metropolis where the only chance to a relaxing ocean view is when the beaches are closed or on the pages of a travel magazine.

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2. The Learning. Learning a new skill is an adventure as you get to discover the tricks of the trade when it comes to deep sea fishing. You thought you knew everything about fishing until you met your skipper. Learn how to lure, reel and haul a mammoth catch. Get to know the equipment that you thought you were familiar with. New skills, new gear for a new adventure. Read more…

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Bass Fishing Rigs

Below you will happen two very efficacious bass catching rigs, both of which can assist any bass fisherman experience much more catching success. The first rig, named the gang hook rig, is the best way to attendant dwell worms and other dwell bait as bait when fishing for bass. The second rig, called the contriving bubble rig, is a way for spin around fishermen to fish with an affected wing in a very effective manner. The bottom line is that both of these rigs should be gravely considered, and should be a part of any grave bass fisherman’s repertoire Read more…

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A List Of Soft Plastics That Work Well For Crappie Fishing

One of the things that make crappie fishing so popular is the fact that they can be caught by using most any type of baits. Many anglers use live baits when fishing for crappies because these usually have some great results. Minnows and worms are the best live baits used for crappies. But live baits are not the only thing that will attract this species. Soft plastic lures can get the attention of the crappies and entice them to strike just as well as live bait. This is especially true when they are presented correctly.


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Secrets To Brook Trout Fishing

Brook trout live in brooks. Their preference is the types of streams and creeks found in the Rockies - cool, clear, running water. Brook Trout, also called Brookies, many streams and lakes but what they like the best is medium to fast flowing water. The cooler water is in the 57 - 60 degree range. Running water creates a lot of oxygen.


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