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Leland Lures Trout Slayer

Leland Lures Trout Slayer

  • Place one or two split shots 10-12″ above the lure. Cast the lure across the river and allow to sink close the bottom
  • Keep the rod close the water to help the lure to stay deep. Stop it from time to time allowing it to touch the bottom of the river.
  • The lure works best when it looks natural and moves along the bottom of the river. Low light conditions seem to work best for big fish.
  • Some of the biggest fish we caught on this lure have come just before dark while bringing it along the bottom of the stream.
  • Many species of trout hit this lure but Browns particularly like it. Smallmouth also hit this lure fished the same way.

The Trout Slayer is meticously designed to fall flat in the water with subtle natural movements. The unique black size 6 long-shank hook allows for the perfect hook gap. The small size, realistic colors and natural movement make it an exciting asset to any light-line fisherman’s tackle box.

List Price: $ 2.99


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