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Five Crappie Jig Fishing Secrets

Many people have trouble catching crappie on jigs, especially when the fish get sulky. This will sound over-simplified, but the difference between going home empty, or filling a fish basket up is simply proper techniques for the prevailing conditions. During the spawn, anyone can catch crappie, on just about anything, but in Post-Spawn mode, crappie tend to be moody and uncoopertive.

Many times, they will suspend at a certain depth, without regard to cover, and refuse anything unless it just about swims into their mouth on it’s own. Here are some tricks that will boost your harvest next time.

First, let’s talk about equipment. If you are going to be a serious year-around crappie angler, there are a few thing you MUST have. You’ll need a boat, of some kind. It needn’t be a $14,000 Tournament boat. Any dinghy, skiff, canoe, kayak, inflatable, Jon Boat, or even a Float Tube will work in many instances. Read more…

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5 Secrets for Spring Crappie Fishing

Fishing for crappie in the spring is different from fishing in the summer or fall. You will use different bait and size of bait than you would any other time. You will fish different locations than you would during other months and you will have to watch the water conditions and the temperatures. You have to watch the spawning season closely to make sure that you get the male crappie if you do not want the females before they lay the eggs.


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