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Bass Fishing Rigs

Below you will happen two very efficacious bass catching rigs, both of which can assist any bass fisherman experience much more catching success. The first rig, named the gang hook rig, is the best way to attendant dwell worms and other dwell bait as bait when fishing for bass. The second rig, called the contriving bubble rig, is a way for spin around fishermen to fish with an affected wing in a very effective manner. The bottom line is that both of these rigs should be gravely considered, and should be a part of any grave bass fisherman’s repertoire Read more…

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Fishing Rod Selection Tips

The question many bass fisherman face when it comes to selecting the right rod for the right lure, is how on earth do I select the right rod, and do I really need 15-20 rods? Well the answer is Yes, and No. The analogy I like to use is this: When you go golfing, do you take only your putter? Absolutely not because then you can not drive the ball off the tee very far! You would never even make it to the green to use the putter.


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The Benefits Of Florida Bass Fishing Camps

Bass fishing in Florida is one of the most popular sports around. It's enjoyed by all types of anglers young, old, experienced and the ones that are just beginning. Some of the best bass fishing in the US can be found in the state of Florida. Here you will experience some of the most exciting bass fishing you'll ever enjoy. To be a good bass fisherman you need to spend some time out on the water getting practice. There are many things that can only be learned through experience. Still, you need to start out by having some basic information about bass fishing in order to get off to a good start.


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