Trout Fishing Spinners – A Cool Tool for Fly Fishing

Trout fishing spinners are probably the most popular types of lures used to catch trout. Spinners are designed to look like airplane propellers and their whirling motion as they are cast into the water attracts the trout by mimicking small fish that are normally what the trout considers to be a tasty snack.

It is said that rainbow trout are especially drawn to spinner lures. There are many colors, sizes and shapes for spinners. They can be store bought or you can make your own.

In order to properly use trout fishing spinners, there are a few simple things to keep in mind. First, choose the lightest fishing line and smallest spinner possible. Size does matter when it comes to catching trout and smaller is better.

Remember, a rainbow trout normally makes its meals out of small bugs and so your line and spinner needs to be comparable in size to the trout’s normal portion size!

You need to understand how to assemble your trout fishing spinners in order to catch the most fish possible and also to avoid frustration down at the fishing hole.

For this, you need scissors, fishing line, your rod and a barrel swivel, which is a piece of metal designed to keep your line from tangling when it is in the water.

First, take the end of your fishing line and cut off an eighteen inch piece of it. Set it aside for later. Tie the barrel swivel to end of the line that is still attached to your rod. Then take the eighteen inch piece of line and tie it to the opposite end of the barrel swivel.

Put the spinner on the end of the line. When your spinner hits the water and gets a bite, your line won’t tangle as you reel in the fish. Since your spinner is so small and your line is so light, you might need to add weight above the barrel swivel to be able to cast your spinner.

If you set up your trout fishing spinners properly, you should find that your line doesn’t get twisted and you will be able to bring in more fish with it.

As long as the spinner is small enough, you can experiment with different colors and styles of spinners to see which one works best for you. Often times, the spinner doesn’t have to actually look 100% like the prey it is intended to mimic. After all, we are talking about trout.

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