Maximizing Your Fishing Results With Spoon Lures

Sometimes, when you go through your local outdoors shop, you may end up glossing over spoon lures as a viable option. I know they are cheap, and very simple in their design, but I have caught some nice fish on these types of lures. Mostly, the methods I have used to catch fish with spoons have been schooling type fish like white bass and hybrids. And when you have a good sized hybrid on the end of the line, you definitely get the rush and adrenaline that every fisherman is looking for with the rod and reel.

But despite the schooling fish, some new designs of spoon lures, are becoming very effective at grabbing the largemouth bass as well. I saw a youtube video recently of guy pulling in a 10 pound largemouth bass on this type of lure. It’s different from the typical spoon, in that when it is retrieved, it doesn’t spin like a normal spoon, but wobbles back and forth, creating a bait fish like action in the water. It also includes a weed guard to be able to fish cover areas that bass enjoy so much.

But I digress. Normally, when I am fishing these lures, I use a jerk and bounce off the bottom type of fishing method. This is typical when I am looking for the schooling fish, and the best place to be is about the same depth as you see this fish on the fish finder, and then just bounce your spoon up and down in that depth to attract the fish. Lots and lots of fish have been caught using this method, and it also is very cheap, because if you lose a lure, they run less than two dollars a piece normally.

So there you have it, spoon fishing in a nutshell. So don’t pass over that old spoon you have in the back of your tackle box, because if you put these techniques to work, combined with that old spoon, you could be looking at some great fishing. But with the schooling fish, the key is to look for where the activity is the water. If you see birds working, or you fish finder blows up, that when you know that you need to work these lures. You can even troll with them, and look for the fish more efficiently. Once you find them, then you can setup to work them good.

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