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7 Reasons Why Deep Sea Fishing Is A Great Adventure Sport

1. It’s a chance to get out to the open seas. A chance to explore what the deep waters can give you as an adventure. The wind, the waves, the view. Deep sea fishing is your weekend ticket away from the bustling metropolis where the only chance to a relaxing ocean view is when the beaches are closed or on the pages of a travel magazine.

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2. The Learning. Learning a new skill is an adventure as you get to discover the tricks of the trade when it comes to deep sea fishing. You thought you knew everything about fishing until you met your skipper. Learn how to lure, reel and haul a mammoth catch. Get to know the equipment that you thought you were familiar with. New skills, new gear for a new adventure. Read more…

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Trout Fishing in Montana – A Perfect Day

Montana is blessed with water; gin-clear cold water. Fed from glaciers, winter snowpack and deep mountain springs, Montana’s pristine chilly waters are a perfect habitat for trout. Rainbow, Lake, Cutthroat, Brown and Brook Trout thrive to the delight of bears and anglers.


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Tips for Louisiana Saltwater Fishing

If you are in Louisiana and searching for the best saltwater fishing spot you will be happy to know you have several places to choose from. It is always a good idea to plan your fishing trips in advance so you can be sure everything runs smoothly. This way you can make sure you have a hotel near the lake you want to fish along with restaurants of your choice. Three of the best lakes in Louisiana to go saltwater fishing are Lake Lafitte, Lake Charles and Lake Calcasieu.


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