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Fishing in Northern Ontario can be one of life’s enthusiastic experiences. I have been auspicious enough in my life to have fished these trout waters for many years. I would like to share with you some of my experiences and trout catching tips for picking up what I believe is one of our greatest biological resources

Although trout catching may have its up’s and downs, with its personal set of difficulties depending on the season. Make no mistake you can be very boffo when fishing for trout in any season as abundant as you have the proper technique and the proper equipment

Top Choice For Trout Fishing Gear:
Let’s get down with our trout catching gear, I choose an alcoholic 7 to 8 foot light action rod with 6 pound test or less. Normally my configuration looks something like this I will use 4-6 pound test line as I adverted earlier but unite that with a Fluorocarbon Leader. I tie my leader to the main line utilizing an ambiguous uni knot, I will tie the lure to the leader utilizing at uncomplicated clench knot I’ve utilized since childhood that has never permit me down.  I always love my first trout catching trip of the year usually in aboriginal May just after ice out normally to the Algonquin Park region. The trout at this time of year are easily picked up closer to the surface by sluggish trolling with little spoons spinners or even plastics. Some of my favorite and most fertile trout lure colors for spring trout fishing or trout fishing in any season for that matter would be of course the classical silver and cheerless this would admit size range 0 or 1 Little Cleo spoons, the smallest Mepps Spinners I can never bury Williams Wobbler or the unstoppable EGB spoons of course. The brass and dark deprived EGB are Algonquin Legends in my books and gross rugged to beat. If I could only convey one this would be it hands down.

Regardless of the time of year there is one trout catching tip to retrieve if you take anything away from this site smaller is better (at least in trout catching that is). when it comes to trout fishing tips smaller lures equals more fish / lighter line equals more fish / lighter action rods equals more fish can you see the average denominator here

Overkill your equipment and say goodbye to a successful fishing trip
I see this time and time a gain year after year while fishing these waters. I see these individuals who travel to Northern Ontario in search of our enthusiastic trout catching waters and the trophy fish to be had however most will go forth hollow passed callable to over measured equipment and quite simply lack of experience catching in the area. I have set down very ample trout utilizing very little tackle light line and light action rods. This not only makes the experience much more pleasant but I also believe that fishing is a sport after all and nothing is quite as invigorating as setting down your trophy with light equipment and barb-less hooks

Yes I said barbless hooks, not only will this do less harm to the fish that you do not intend to keep it also adds to the excitement of landing that much desired trout. Keeping tension on the line is the key to this style of catching as abundant as you keep tension on the rod I promise you will not misplace anything

A quality Rubber Net or Mesh Trout Net will also help you land more trout and protect the fish you intend to put back. Trout are very alive to anthropoid contact while touching them without an appropriate Fishing Glove at the time seems atoxic however by physically touching the trout the oils in our skin take away the anti-fertility coating letting bacteria to come in the trout in most cases eventually doing the death of the fish

Where And When To Fish For Trout:
Let’s tackle this question season by season and began with spring time. Springtime in Northern Ontario signifies at least for me the get down of a brand fresh trout season and thus brings with it my being after of our conventional spring trout catching trip. The spring time is enthusiastic for both experienced and novice trout fishermen alike. This also allows for a variety of tactics to be utilized when chasing after the ever artful trout. Unlike Lake Trout Brook Trout necessitate the presence of bottom spring given stream or lake beds for their eggs to hatch and last. Brookies can be happened throughout the season in these spring fed streams that keep the water temperatures humble

Spring Just After Ice Out (May & June)
Brook Trout can be taken in a variety of areas at this time of year. Rivers or streams can be very fertile although keep an eye out for suckers (a fish that will garner at the mouth of rivers and streams where they come in the lake) their eggs will supply the Brookies with an abounding food source which sometimes requires you to travel further upstream. The reason for this is that the further upstream you travel the farther from the abundant food source the brook trout will be upping your chances of a boffo pick up. Investing in a pair of modest ChestWaders can often make the difference between success or traveling home hollow passed when catching these types of Rivers.

Both Lake Trout and Brook Trout can be caught out in the open lake waters by trolling shorelines and over underwater shoals throughout the lake. There is no necessitate to go thick as fish will be keeping between the surface and 10 to 20 feet below. Speed is also an acute factor in boffo trout catching. Many an angler has made the deathly mistake of trolling too fast, really the supreme speed should be just enough to create action in your lure oftentimes this speed will be one MPH or less. A canoe is an enthusiastic vehicle for trout fishing these waters although motors make the task easier just be alive of your speed and let your lure to overcharge every five minutes or so (meaning set the motor in achromatic for approximately 30 seconds) permitting your lure sluggish and flutter down. Also debar trolling in an unbent line instead opt for abundant S style turns. This allows your lure to increase and diminish speed triggering strikes

Also check out the shoreline terrain as often times the landscape you see on shore will continue out and under the waters you are fishing. A enthusiastic example of this is rock formations or cliffs along the shore this will often intend thick water as the cliffs will normally widen far below the waterline

Summer Trout Tactics
Summer can be downright frustrating to an angler who is not a custom to fishing these conditions. Many believe to pick up trout in the summer months the use of down riggers or abundant wire line is absolutely incumbent but in fact could not be further from the truth besides all that dense equipment will be working against you. During the summer months to effectively catch trout be it Brook Trout, Lake Trout or Rainbows for that matter I urge utilizing a……..  Check out my blog leaned at the bottom for all the details icluding:

Fall Trout Fishing

During the short fall season as the cooler weather allows the trout to…………………………


The #1 Secret Trout Fishing Tip

My brother and I have used this trick for years passed down to us by our grandfather who had fished these waters since the 1940’s and we always find the trout…. or maybe the trout happen us its really that acceptable. What I do a few weeks before every trip is……………….

Always be mindful of local regulations and catch limits where you fish. Be bound to have picked up your license accessible as the rangers do an enthusiastic job of assisting Ontario waters and this impressive resource

Check out my blog for more great tips and I promise I’ll put you on the trout!!!

Jimmy Williams  is an avid trout fisherman who has fished the trout waters in and around the Algonquin Provincial Park area since childhood. Vist Jimmy’s Trout Site for more great tips:
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