Florida Reef Fishing Secrets

Fishing in the Florida reef can be loads of fun if done correctly. Many novice fishermen do not take the time to fully understand what it takes to fish in the Florida Reef.

It requires patience and a bit of knowledge about the area. Many people do not realize that fishing is all about thinking ahead and planning. By carefully planning out your trip in the Florida Reef you will be able to catch significantly more fish. If you do not plan out your trip you will quickly find that you will not be able to catch any fish at all!

The most experienced fishermen out there understand what it takes to catch fish in the Florida reef. The first thing that they know is that planning is the key to success. Before you head out you are going to want to decide on which type of fish you are going after. There are several reasons for this. The first reason is that each type of fish requires different fishing tactics.

Many novice fishermen think that all fish were created equally. The fact of the matter is that fish are just like people and each fish is different from the next.

Different species of fish differ from one another more than the average person might think. The first think that differs between separate species of fish is the type of food that they like to eat.

For example many smaller fish like to eat small bugs and plankton. On the other hand, many of the larger fish like to eat smaller fish and tend to stay away from plankton and small insects. Knowing what type of food the fish you are going after eats is the key to success. The reason for this is that it will help you design the type of bait you are considering using.

There are different types of bait they work well for different types of fish.

For example, the Crappie fish likes to eat small insects as well as some extremely small fish. Therefore, many fishermen in Florida like to use live minnows as bait when fishing for the Crappie fish. Live minnows work extremely well when fishing for Crappie fish because it tricks the fish into biting onto your hook!

Live minnows are extremely inexpensive and can be bought at a local tackle and bait shop. Alternatively, you may want to consider catching some live minnows on your own at the beach.

Although, not all fish like to eat smaller fish like the Crappie fish do. Other types of fish like to eat extremely small organisms. Therefore, if you choose to use a live minnow as a bait source you will quickly find no success.

This shows why it is of the up most importance to understand the type of fish you are fishing for before you head out on a trip. For example, if you are fishing for Bass you may want to consider using smaller fish that are high in fat and protein content.

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