Fishing Equipment You’ll Need to Catch the Walleye

If you’re an extremely lucky person, you’ll probably only need a rod, good fishing line and some bait to catch walleye. However, since not all of us are gifted when it comes to angling, there’s a need to pick the right fishing equipment in order to increase our chances. Here are some of the most important fishing equipment you’ll need if you want to fish for walleye:

Your main fishing arsenal
The walleye isn’t a gentle fish and it does like to put up a fight when hooked. You’ll need a good, sturdy but flexible rod to handle the struggle efficiently. Rods come in a good variety of models and price ranges, so consider one that works best for you and that fits your budget as well.

Another walleye fishing equipment you should include in your shopping list is the reel. Generally, experienced anglers would recommend the spinning reel because it reduces drag. No two spinning reels are created alike, so you might want to shop around and ask fellow anglers for recommendations.

Another important fishing equipment is the fishing line. This will have to work in combination with your reel and rod. With fishing line, you don’t have to stick to only one because walleye tend to vary their striking style. Get light, medium and heavy pound test lines to give you enough flexibility. Light lines, for example, work well with jigs. Even if the walleye just nibbles on your bait, you’re less likely to miss it.

Your fishing pack
The fishing pack is your list of equipment that play a supporting role in your fishing trip. One of these is the net. When fishing for walleye, it’s a good idea to bring a net with you to prevent further damage to the fish when it struggles. You can preserve the fish better this way. You might also want to pack a good fillet knife to help you clean your catch later.

It’s difficult to talk about walleye fishing equipment without mentioning boats. True, you can fish for walleye from the shore but if you want more flexibility, you’ll appreciate the convenience of a good boat.

The size and design of the boat will depend on the type of water conditions you will be facing and on how many enthusiastic anglers will be sharing it with you. Consider how the boat will perform with your preferred fishing style or on the water you will be fishing in. When you’re fishing for walleye, you need to change your strategy from time to time. Your boat should also be as flexible and useful.

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