Deep-sea Fishing In Bermuda

Ask any deep-sea fishing enthusiast where to find the big ones, and he’ll undoubtedly respond “Bermuda!” without hesitation. The clear, warm Atlantic waters surrounding the island constitute one of the main migration routes of all the game fish that make fishing a muscle-busting sport. Among the most sought-after are black and yellow fin tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi, sharks, barracuda, amberjacks and every other hard-fighting game fish that devoted anglers dream of. And of course, the grand prize of all sport fish, the blue marlin, is the greatest lure to any deep-sea fisherman, from first-timers to the old salts who sleep with their fishing rods. The deep seas around Bermuda abound with monster marlin, some of which weigh in at more than a half ton, with records being broken every year.

There are scores of charter boats available for a few hours to a full day of excitement, many anchored within a half hour of the best spots so that more time is spent hooking the big ones and less in getting to them. On the other hand, the trip to deep water is anything but boring, since many boats are now equipped with big-screen television sets, DVD players and comfortable, air-conditioned cabins. Most full-day trips also include lunch, snacks and beverages, and of course are equipped with state-of-the-art electronics to locate the big ones and the best bait and tackle to snag them with, also included in the charter fee. Crew members always carry cameras to snap passengers and their catch, enabling them to back up their stories of the big one that didn’t get away.

Bermuda charter boat captains are all licensed professionals, and many come from generations of avid deep sea fishermen. Many sail with family as crew, creating a feeling of camaraderie and warmth on board and giving passengers a sense of both fun and security. Needless to say, all charter boats are safety-inspected and must pass rigorous tests before licenses are issued.

Virtually every hotel and resort can arrange a Bermuda deep-sea fishing trip for guests, and nowadays, one can even find accommodations and boats under the same ownership. This means that a well-equipped, comfortable, home-like cottage may be located right at the dock from which your boat will depart. Life can’t get much more convenient than that.

But whether you stay at a beach resort or in a bungalow on the wharf, a day of deep-sea fishing in Bermuda is one that will linger in memory long after it’s over.

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