A List Of Soft Plastics That Work Well For Crappie Fishing

One of the things that make crappie fishing so popular is the fact that they can be caught by using most any type of baits.

Many anglers use live baits when fishing for crappies because these usually have some great results. Minnows and worms are the best live baits used for crappies. But live baits are not the only thing that will attract this species. Soft plastic lures can get the attention of the crappies and entice them to strike just as well as live bait. This is especially true when they are presented correctly.

Many anglers prefer using these lures because they are so much more convenient than using live baits. You don’t have to worry about a special place to store them to keep them alive, they’re not as messy and they can be used over and over again so you don’t have to buy or catch your bait before heading out to the water.

Soft plastics lures are a great choice for the novice angler because they are easier to learn with than using live baits would be.

Another huge advantage to using soft plastics lures would be the selection. Technology has made it possible to create lures that are so life-like that at first glance, it’s difficult to tell the difference between them and the real thing.

Crappies can see very good but an artificial lure that resembles their natural food source presented correctly, will still capture their attention and entice them to take the bait.

Choosing the Right Lures

Soft plastic lures are designed especially to attract certain types of fish. Some are created for bass fishing, some are designed to reel in the walleye and still others are made specifically for the crappies. Take this into consideration when you’re choosing the lures for your next fishing adventure and pick the ones that will appeal the most to the crappies.

Here is a list of the best soft plastics that work for crappie fishing:

Soft Plastic Jigs
Tube Jigs

Keep in mind that all of these lures come in an assortment of sizes and colors plus many variations of each. This means that there are literally hundreds of soft plastic crappie lures to choose from. This makes it easy to collect an assortment that will work in most any type of water or weather condition.

Choosing the right color to use for the type of fishing conditions is very important. Since the crappies can see so well, the color of the lure needs to match their natural environment in order to attract them.

Some basic rules to follow would be to use bright colors when fishing on sunny days, dark colors at night and neutral colors like white can be used most anytime. Different colors should be used for different depths as well.

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