Why Pond Bass Fishing Is So Good

I tell you what, pond bass fishing can be some of the greatest fishing in the world. Although it doesn’t quite have the same appeal as going after fish in a big lake on tournament Friday, with a quality bass pond you can catch some amazing fish. I am reminiscent to an old bass tank I used to fish as a kid. What a rush! All we used to use for bait was a tiny spinner bait with one spoon and a one to two inch purple worm. With that, we would catch bass anywhere from two to five pounds or more. It truly was exciting!

So about this great pond. It is found in the south where warmer temperatures prevail, and the growing season for bass is much longer, therefore bass grow to be much larger. The pond only had sunfish and bass in it, and the cover present for bass was good, but not over kill. So the sunfish were kept at bay, and not allowed to continuously clean out the bass spawning areas.

Also, the depth of this pond was good. It had many shallow areas with weeds that allowed good bass spawning, and it had a deeper area in the middle that allowed bass to retreat to cooler water during the hot summer months, and warmer water during the cool winter months. There was plenty of submerged branches, weeds, etc to give the bass plenty of cover, and areas for them to ambush small bait fish. But again, it wasn’t too much cover, that would allow the sunfish to clean out and keep the bass population from growing.

Further, this was a privately owned, and not well fished pond. So the bass continued to grow each year, and there were many bass that were 3, 4, 5, 6 or more years old. So I had some of these fish to myself, and was able to pull out some great fish.

This pond was just the primo location for bass. There weren’t really any other fish in the pond, so the bass were the main predators, and were able to grow very well. Once you get a large bass on your hook and reel him in, you are pretty much hooked for life! So again, if you think that ponds can’t produce big bass, you are just flat out wrong. There have been state records in multiple states across the country that have been caught in ponds.

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