Three Tips For Bass Fishing With Worms

Bass fishing is one of the leading sports in the nation. All types of anglers seek out the bass. The young, old, novice and the professional alike all love bass fishing and why not? The bass is one of the most exciting species of fish there is. They grow to some amazing sizes and they can give you a fight that you won’t soon forget. This makes them a fun and exciting species for all anglers.

Every year millions of dollars are spent buying equipment designed especially for bass fishing. These include everything from bass boats to rods and reels to lures. There are so many different options available when it comes to bass tackle that it can even be a little overwhelming. In fact, there are more lures designed especially for bass fishing than for any other species of fish. If you don’t have a clue what to buy before you go shopping, you may find yourself in a difficult situation trying to figure out what to do.

Every angler has their own special bait that they enjoy using more than anything else but there is one certain bait that most all anglers will agree is fantastic and that would be worms. They are considered a great bait to use when fishing for bass. They are one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective ways to reel in the bass. You can use live worms, dead worms and artificial worms all with some excellent results. There are even different types of worms such as blood worms, earthworms and grub worms to name a few.

Three tips for bass fishing with worms:

Always Clean Your Hands – This may sound a little silly to some people. Afterall, you are fishing so why is cleaning your hands important? It’s important because the bass can smell your scent on the worms you use (artificial or real) if you’re not careful. This is a strange scent to the bass and it will send them swimming in the opposite direction no matter how tasty the worm looks. Cleaning your hands for fishing doesn’t mean washing them with soap. It means getting rid of your scent.

You have two options for getting the scent off your hands. One is to wash your hands in the water in which you’re fishing and the other is to rub dirt on your hands before you bait the hook.

Gang Hooks are the Best – The hook plays a more important role than many people realize. When fishing with worms the best hooks to use are the gang hooks. This is because they give you the most natural way to present the worm making it more effective. It’s also important that you only use hooks that are sharp and in good shape.

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