Five Virginia Bass Fishing Tips

Virginia is a state that is well known for its bass fishing action, with waters aplenty there is so much choice as to where you can go to try and get a good catch rate. Smallmouth and largemouth bass can be found in the many rivers, lakes, pools, creeks and other bodies of water than are a part of the geographical landscape of the state. As such, you can choose to fish for either species in the most beautiful surroundings possible.

Virginia is a perfect state to fish for bass in regardless of how experienced you may or may not be. Novice bass fishing enthusiasts can experience just as much success as experienced and even professional bass fishing enthusiasts in Virginia, providing that they find the right waters and take on board all the information that they can get their hands on. You do need to take on board the following tips if you want to elevate your enjoyment of bass fishing in Virginia waters. They will make it a fantastic experience for you no matter when you head there:

Make sure that you choose the right place to fish in terms of your location and experience because you can find it a much more enjoyable experience if you do. Obviously location is important in terms of your travelling time, but choosing the right lake for your experience has to be a priority. Some of the Virginia rivers are incredibly fast. If you are a novice and fish on those then you will find it a little overwhelming. Start at a gentler pace and work your way up as you get more confident.

Do plenty of research before you move onto a new lake or new area when fishing in Virginia because you will find that you are better equipped to make the most of the action. Check bass fishing reports. They are a really good source of information for you if you want to check out the bass population, how much it has declined or increased and whether or not there are restrictions or diseases affecting your ability to fish or the overall population.

Shenandoah River is a prime example at the moment because it has been affected by fish kills, including one as recently as 2008. As such, there may be restrictions on certain areas of the rivers. This is essential knowledge if you do not want to get into trouble!

Bass fishing reports will also reveal the population of bass and in turn how likely you are to reel in a few bass when you are out fishing. Check which waters have the highest quality bass and the heaviest bass and you will find the best place to go if you want to up your catch rate and put your skills to good use.

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