Bass Fishing State Records

If you are relatively new to bass fishing as a hobby then you may have heard of state records but have no idea as to what they refer to. Well, bass fishing state records effectively tell you just how heavy the heaviest fish caught in that state was.

If you actually set that state record then it is certainly a huge deal, but then the day you make your biggest catch is also a big deal!

Every bass fishing enthusiast remembers the day and the exact catch that was his or her heaviest. It is certainly a proud moment and a massive achievement, especially if the bass in question is towards the top of his or her possible weight. Largemouth bass can weigh up to 25lbs and smallmouth bass can weigh up to 12lbs. However, they are larger and heavier in some states in the US than they are in others. This has a lot to do with the natural population of bass and the conditions that they live in.

State records are often set during tournaments and official events because the personnel are there to guarantee the catch, weigh it and record it. However, that is not to say that people have not caught heavier bass within a certain state. They may have done so but not had the facilities to record it. As such, state records are often the best statistic available and if you do catch a bass anywhere near that weight then you should be proud!

The US bass state records are as follows for all individual states, including the place in which the record fish were found:

Alaska – Bass cannot be found in Alaska owing to really cold temperatures
Alabama – Largemouth bass at 16lb 8oz (Mountain View Lake) and smallmouth bass at 10lbs 8oz (Wheeler Dam Tailwater)
Arkansas – Largemouth bass at 16lb 4oz (Mallard Lake) and smallmouth bass at
7lbs 5oz (Bull Shoals Lake)
Arizona – Largemouth bass at 16lb 14oz (Canyon Lake) and smallmouth bass at 7lbs
1oz (Roosevelt Lake)
California – Largemouth bass at 21lb 12oz (Lake Castaic) and smallmouth bass at
9lbs 1oz (Clair Engle Lake)
Colorado – Largemouth bass at 11lb 6oz (Echo Canyon Reservoir) and smallmouth bass at 5lbs 12oz (Navajo Reservoir)
Connecticut – Largemouth bass at 12lb 14oz (Mashapaug Pond) and smallmouth bass at 7lbs 12oz (Shenipsit Lake)
Delaware – Largemouth bass at 10lb 5oz (Andrews Lake) and smallmouth bass at
4lbs 15oz (Brandywine Lake)
Florida – Largemouth bass at 17lb 4oz but no smallmouth record has been determined as yet.

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