Advice For Fishing For Crappie In Farm Ponds

The first advice would be to find a farm pond that has crappie. It is not recommended that anyone try to have crappies in a farm pond. You would need the advice of a fish biologist before even trying to make a farm pond.

If you find a crappie farm pond, you can use this advice to catch the crappie, but you will also need to be particular to what you use for bait. If you do have a farm pond and you want to fish for crappie, you will need to know what they are being fed and what other fish are in the pond.

If the pond has bluegill in it, chances are that the crappie are eating the bluegill. The owner of the farm pond has to provide some food for the fish or they will die off. One instance is a man that feeds his fish with fish pellets.

The bluegills eat the fish pellets and the crappie eats the bluegills. In turn, the baitfish for the crappie is the bluegill. You have to know what the owner of the pond feeds the fish before you determine how to bait the hook or you could sit on that pond for hours without a bite.

Next, you need to know what exactly is under the water of the pond. Are there any rock structures or weed beds anywhere? Crappies are fussy fish and they need to live in their environment or you will have a hard time finding them on a larger pond.

The one thing to remember about the pond is that any crappie is going to have an easier time feeding. The ponds do freeze in the northern areas and this will keep the feeding down during the winter months. Are there any spawning places in the pond? This is another consideration when trying to do some spring fishing.

Because the crappie eat everything and become starved very easy, you might be able to offer them anything.

You could offer bluegills, minnows or shad. You should present the bait mid way down in the water. The crappies in a pond are looking for food and will sense it around and come for it in most cases. The crappie are going to be small in any farm because they over populate the pond and eat the other fish so they do not populate. This is why they say you should not put crappie in a farm pond.

Now that you have some basics about crappie farm ponds, you can plan to fish. You can fish from shore or row out in a boat. Do not use a motor boat on a pond.

This is not only a waste of gas and time, it will vibrate more in a pond than it does in a big open lake. You should push off from shore and use a paddle to smoothly glide around the pond. You can find an area on the pond where you think the crappie will be located.

Chances are, this could be the entire pond depending on how long the crappie have been there and what the food source has been.

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