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Eagle Claw Classic Bamboo Trout Net (15 x 11 x 9-Inch)

Eagle Claw Classic Bamboo Trout Net (15 x 11 x 9-Inch)

  • Bamboo Wood Finish
  • Cotton Net
  • Includes Safety Cord
Safely land and release your Montana West Slope Cuttroat or Bull Trout catch from the Yellowstone river with the Eagle Claw Catch and Release Classic Trout net.

List Price: $ 20.00 Price: $ 6.64

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Leland Lures Trout Slayer

Leland Lures Trout Slayer

  • Place one or two split shots 10-12″ above the lure. Cast the lure across the river and allow to sink close the bottom
  • Keep the rod close the water to help the lure to stay deep. Stop it from time to time allowing it to touch the bottom of the river.
  • The lure works best when it looks natural and moves along the bottom of the river. Low light conditions seem to work best for big fish.
  • Some of the biggest fish we caught on this lure have come just before dark while bringing it along the bottom of the stream.
  • Many species of trout hit this lure but Browns particularly like it. Smallmouth also hit this lure fished the same way.

The Trout Slayer is meticously designed to fall flat in the water with subtle natural movements. The unique black size 6 long-shank hook allows for the perfect hook gap. The small size, realistic colors and natural movement make it an exciting asset to any light-line fisherman’s tackle box.

List Price: $ 2.99


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Trout Fishing Tips, How to catch trout in Spring, Summer, Fall

Fishing in Northern Ontario can be one of life’s enthusiastic experiences. I have been auspicious enough in my life to have fished these trout waters for many years. I would like to share with you some of my experiences and trout catching tips for picking up what I believe is one of our greatest biological resources

Although trout catching may have its up’s and downs, with its personal set of difficulties depending on the season. Make no mistake you can be very boffo when fishing for trout in any season as abundant as you have the proper technique and the proper equipment Read more…

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Secrets To Brook Trout Fishing

Brook trout live in brooks. Their preference is the types of streams and creeks found in the Rockies - cool, clear, running water. Brook Trout, also called Brookies, many streams and lakes but what they like the best is medium to fast flowing water. The cooler water is in the 57 - 60 degree range. Running water creates a lot of oxygen.


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Trout Fishing in Montana – A Perfect Day

Montana is blessed with water; gin-clear cold water. Fed from glaciers, winter snowpack and deep mountain springs, Montana’s pristine chilly waters are a perfect habitat for trout. Rainbow, Lake, Cutthroat, Brown and Brook Trout thrive to the delight of bears and anglers.


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The Secret Of Successful Trout Fishing

One of the popular outdoor activities nowadays id trout fishing. It is enjoyed by most fishers because of the unique characteristics of each species of trout. There are four common species of trout that can be targeted in trout fishing. Each kind expresses different colors and characteristics, depending on the environment that they live in. These varieties of trout include the rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout and lake trout. All varieties can be caught using the same methods, except for the lake trout that lives in deep cold lakes and needs a different approach in fishing


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